Ore shed

Years of construction: 1900 until 1903
In operation: 83 years until the works were shut down

Betriebszeit:  83 Jahre bis zur Stilllegung


The Ore Shed was built between 1900 and 1903 in the time of Carl Röchling. It is one of Völklingen Ironworks’ oldest buildings. Originally the 1,500 square metre industrial building was a gigantic steel bunker with storage capacity for 12,000 tons of iron ore and was part of a complex for the preparation and processing of raw materials. Storage between the blast furnaces and the town made it a connective link between the iron and steel works and the town of Völklingen. Iron ore was the raw material of industrialisation and the basis for the development of modern industrial society.

Alongside the Blower Hall the Ore Shed is today the central exhibition area of the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks. Restoration of the old ore silos and their re-evaluation as an exhibition hall donate it special properties charged in the encounter between its former implementation as industrial work and storage site and its contemporary exhibiting of the art and culture of the 21st century.


Erzhalle mit Hochofengruppe
Dach der Erzhalle
Staatstheater goes Voelklinger Huette Tanz Erzplatz