Mardi Noir

The Völklingen Ironworks flooded in red light
Copyright: Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte | Oliver Dietze

Mardi noir

Mardi noir
Copyright: Mardo Noir

Born in 1981 in Saint-Brieuc, France
Lives and works in Rennes, France



Achtung, Achtung!

Mardi Noir 1

Mardi Noir 1
Copyright: Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte / Hans-Georg Merkel


2019, in situ


1,7 x 3,9 m




Typical for the Breton Arzhel Prioul, aka Mardi Noir, is that he takes pictograms as a starting point for his works. Like an accumulation of weathered old notices, his work announces the transience of all authority, as does his paper collage Achtung, Achtung! (Attention, Attention!), which was created for the 2019 edition of the Urban Art Biennale in Völklingen. He often uses a projector technique, which makes the roughly upscaled results look uneven and pixelated – but that is intentional.