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“What constitutes a treasure?” This is the question at the heart of the exhibition “Mon Trésor. Europe’s Treasure in Saarland”.

For some, treasures are precious things like jewels and gold, while for others, they are family, beloved friends and loyal pets. Treasures can be ephemeral: yesterday’s treasure may no longer be considered valuable today. And vice versa: historical items once considered banal can become today’s priceless artefacts.

In this exhibition, major treasures from Saarland and the wider region of Luxembourg and Lorraine spark a dialogue on the values, emotions and memories we connect with our treasures, both social and personal, remembered and forgotten. “Mon Trésor” is a trove of contemporary wonders and a treasure chest of history and stories. The exhibits are displayed in the blower hall, which has a double significance: not only does it house the treasures, but its historical design and features makes it itself a unique treasure from Saarland with international significance. And now, for the first time in twenty years, it can be seen in its original condition.

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The World Cultural Heritage Site team

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Heiko Maas, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and former chairperson of the Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site’s supervisory board, is the patron of “Mon Trésor. Europe’s Treasure in Saarland”.


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