Lek & Sowat

Lek Sowat Quetzacoatl

Lek Sowat Quetzacoatl
Copyright: Lek & Sowat


Lek & Sowat


2022, in situ


5,1 x 13 m


Acrylic, glass


The French duo Lek & Sowat has left impressive artistic traces not only in Völklingen’s urban space, but also on the grounds of the World Cultural Heritage Site. For example, the two have mounted their work Quetzalcoatl, named after the feathered Aztec creator deity in snake form, on the glass front of the Ironworks. If you look closely, you can recognize the names of the protagonists of the Urban Art Biennale 2022 in exotic handwriting between the serpentine lines. Also to be discovered on the grounds of the Völklingen Ironworks: Lek & Sowat’s collaborative works with their artist colleagues Katre, Obsolettrismes and Sethone on the roof of the Ironworks and on the wheelhouse near the Ferrodrome.

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