Sulzbach-Altenwald mine, railway shafts

MT Sulzbach Altenwald 41012664 frei


Carl Heinrich Jacobi


ca. 1872


61 x 69.5 cm


Albumen paper on cardboard


Delf Slotta


Early photographs are rare treasures. This one provides an insight into the technological and social history of the Saar mining industry early in the second half of the 19th century, just as mining was becoming the region’s core sector. Here, we see employees of the mine in Altenwald proudly posing by wagons filled with hard coal. The track is at the mine railway station in Altenwald and is part of the Saarbrücker Eisenbahn (Saarbrücken Railway), which was constructed between 1848 and 1852 and made a major contribution to the development of the Saar mining industry in Sulzbachtal and the Neunkirchen region. The photography of Carl Christian Heinrich Jacobi depicts the railway as a state-of-the-art mode of transport for both freight and people.

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