Toy horse

MT Spielzeugpferd 96b 01 frei




Height 40 cm


Metal pipe, steel sheet, wood, fibre


Museum für dörfliche Alltagskultur – Museum des Saarländischen Aberglaubens


Toy horses like this one are true childhood treasures. For generations, it was customary for fathers to build them for their children, whether at their place of work or in their own workshop. This horse’s industrial origins are patently clear: its body was created from a pipe, its legs and head from sheet metal, its base section from a metal plate, and its tail from the type of flax used for pipe cleaning. The painstaking metalworking and surface finishing that went into its creation are evidence of sophisticated craftsmanship. And, indeed, treasures such as this toy horse are often testaments to the skill and ingenuity of the steelworkers and miners of the time.

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