Why FWM When You Can FML

Wasted Rita

Wasted Rita

Wasted Rita
Copyright: Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte / Jeanette Dittmar


Wasted Rita




2,5 x 6,75 x 0,05 m




Courtesy of Underdog Gallery


Rita Gomes, better known as Wasted Rita, quotes herself through social media culture in mixed media installations. That she uses acronyms like in Why FWM When You Can FML (fuck with me / fuck my life) is thus only logical. Between neurotic navel-gazing and provocative vulgarities, in the “cranky maverick bitch, antisocial person who’s hostile to the scene” (her self-assessment), romantic Weltschmerz lurks behind brash punchlines. Ambivalence sometimes flashes through behind the coarse attitude. Although many of her works are hand-made, Wasted Rita deliberately works as an Internet artist. Her relationship to this medium, to which she owes her artistic relevance, and even her existence, is ambivalent and characterized by love-hate: “The virtual interactions on social media take my edge off. Instagram Stories provide nightmares.” But directly sharing her work and instant appreciation from her followers would unquestionably get a like from her, unlike mainstream media’s controlled hype.

not so fun
Acrylic, acrylic board
60 x 495 cm

Various panels and flags
Acrylic, wood, canvas
110 x 80 cm

Courtesy of Underdog Gallery

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